Thursday, August 25, 2016

cedar ceilings

Tyler thought 
we should have some Arkansas cedar
somewhere on our house,
and we decided the porch ceilings would be the perfect place for it.

Like everything else in the building process,
it's a little more involved than you might think.
Especially if you aren't just slapping the boards up there
all rough-like...

Each of the 122 boards
(that's just for the front porch)
need to be run through the planer
19 times.
10 times.

One person can run the planer,
but it's about 4 times faster if two people work together.

After their final trip though the planer
the sides have to be squared up,
so they get run through the table saw
(this job definitely takes two people)

After the sides are squared up,
the guys will tongue and groove them 
with a router 
so they fit nice and snug.

they'll be ready to install,
and we'll have Arkansas cedar on the porch :-)

And then we'll do it all over again for the back porch...

(I took these photos before we'd installed the front doors.
That should give you a clue how long we've been planing boards...
We've moved on to the squaring,
and we're half  done.

Takes a dang long time.

Gonna look real pretty, though :-)


  1. 19 times for each board? 122 boards? Bless you for your patience! :) It will look so good though - those boards are gorgeous!

    1. I had that wrong, Beth - it's only 10 times. (which is still a lot, but not nearly so much as 19 ;-)
      ~ Tracy

  2. Gosh that's a lot of work, I bet the wood smells divine though.

  3. plus - no mosquitos bother us when we're out there :-)


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