Saturday, August 20, 2016

the rag barn

There's a fabric shop in the little town of Alpena
 called 'Rag Barn' .
Every time we pass it
(on the way to and from Branson)
I remark on the clever name
and say, "One of these times,
I want to stop in there."
This time,
Tyler turned the van around 
and we went in for a quick peek.

If you are ever anywhere near Alpena Missouri,
you really should stop.

(there's no bathroom, though,
so you'll want to pop in to the gas station across the street for that)

In addition to tons of quilting fabric at great prices,
there's a decent assortment of garment 
and home decorating fabrics, too.
There are ribbons and trims galore
all sorts of little girl accessories
like headbands, flowers and jewelry.

I showed tremendous restraint
and only bought 2 fat quarters,
I could (happily) spend a lot of time
and a lot of money
in that shop!

I think I know what I want to do for my birthday... ;-)

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  1. Always bad news when you discover a place like that. Happy shopping when you get the chance.


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