Tuesday, November 22, 2016

does he know me? yep, he do.

There's this thing going around FB,
where you ask your husband questions about you,
and record his answers, word for word.

I thought it might be fun to do.

I rarely ask him to get things for me,
but he was up, 
and I was on the couch,
 so I asked him to grab me a pencil and paper.

When he handed them to me, 
he said he was going to head to bed;
he hadn't slept much last night.
 about a minute later,
I headed to the bedroom
to iron his shirt,
as has been my custom for several years.

He asked what I was doing.


I thought maybe we shouldn't play the game after all ;-)
It might not go too well for him...

someone was hogging the bathroom,
so while he was waiting to get in there and get ready for bed,
I got started with the list:

What is something I always say?
I love you.
I adore you.

*When we bought this place,
the guy we bought it from kept suggesting things we could do to the property or house,
then he'd add "if you want to" in his southern drawl
but he ran the words all together as one,
and left of the 'w'
so it came out as "ifyouaunto"
so that has become a standard reply in our family :-)

What makes me happy?


What makes me sad?
Missing your kids.

How tall am I?
(this one cracked me up!)

No. I don't think it's 5'10
(I'm 5' 3 1/2")
(he later said he would have said 5'6, 
but didn't want to guess too short
and it doesn't really matter how tall I am 
because I am just the right height.)

What's my favorite thing to do?
Oh gosh!
It depends.
You like - duh - creating via sewing
but you love to find bargains.
You love to read blogs - but that's about the people..

What do I do when you're not around?
I think you sew when you can.
You miss me.
I don't enjoy laundry, so I'm glad you do it when I'm not around.

If I become famous, what will it be for?
sewing and blogging
or starting a successful business

What makes you proud of me? 
your tenderheartedness.
your wisdom.
your (makes curves with his hands) butt.

What is my favorite food?
Ribeye and baked potato

What is my favorite restaurant? 

Right now - you really like Texas Roadhouse.
And Chilis, but they haven't been getting your salad right.

Where is my favorite place to visit?
You don't like to visit.
The bed? {smile. wink wink}
Okay - thrift shops.

(I said - come on, you know where I always want to go,
to which he replied
You want to go to the beach;
you'd be pissed if we just went to visit the beach!)

If I could go anywhere, where would it be? 
Bora Bora or Hawaii
Italy - you can finally get a stamp in your passport.
You'd probably go read a bunch of blogs, then tell me where you wanted to go.

How do I annoy you?
I don't usually use you and 
the word 'annoy' together 

What is my favorite movie?
While you Were Sleeping

Who is my celebrity crush? 

I'm your celebrity crush.

You get a phone call that I am in trouble, who am I with? 

The kids.
You're always with the kids if I get a call;
You locked your keys, or a baby, in the car.
(One time. I only locked a baby in the car once.)
(keys I've locked in the car many times.
But only when I have a baby...)

See -that was kinda fun.
I thought he did super
- although - 
WYWS isn't my favorite movie, but I do like it a lot
and we quote more lines from it than probably any other movie
(the passport quote up there is from WYWS)
And it was tricky because I don't have a favorite favorite movie. Shocker ;-)
My favorite family movie
(remember we have a big age span...)
is a tie between
National Treasure and Sahara.
(we quote a lot from those, too)

Actually, I'm ashamed to say it - 
he did better than I'd do answering the same questions about  him...

I love you, My Man.
(see? he was right. ;-)

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