Sunday, October 21, 2018

almost Christmas

As soon as I'd finished piecing the Razorback quilt in July,
I texted my sister,
"When is Lindsey getting married?"
and was a little surprised by the
"October 20th"

I had to get moving - fast!!

I knew my niece liked red
(though her favorite color is blue)
but the thing I wasn't positive about was 
would she and her new hubby like a quilt??

My sister thought so,
but she couldn't be positive either
without asking,
but I wanted it to be a surprise,
so told her not to ask ~ I'd just take my chances.

California Dreamin' fabric- how I love you!

I decided that their quilt should be Christmasy enough
that if they didn't love it,
they could pack it up,
and only pull it out at Christmas time,
guilt free.
But if they did love it
and would want to use it year round,
it wouldn't be too Christmasy for that option either.

Almost Christmas.

I used 125 fabrics all together
and pieced it over the course of 2+ months.
Quilting went surprisingly quickly,
 and - except for sewing through my finger -
quite uneventfully,
and only took about 2 weeks.
I bound it by machine,
and labeled it.
After a quick run through the wash
(gentle cycle, warm water)
I pulled it out of the dryer
(the texture is so delicious)
with 4 days to spare.

It turns out
that they do like quilts,
and Lindsey has been secretly hoping for one 
for a few years :-)

Lindsey ~ I love you, sweet girl!
Big congratulations.
Tyler ~ welcome to the (crazy) family.
We wish you a long and happy marriage.
I hope most of your days together 
almost like Christmas.

big thanks to my silly quilt holders!!


  1. Hehe, I love your logic!! So glad they liked it, it is beautiful! Sewing through your finger is no bueno! I did that once bad enough to break the needle off in my finger...late at night too! Anywho, it ended with me passed out on the bathroom floor and then A LOT of laughter with my mom!!
    Way to finish in time too!

    1. Oh dear!! You musta been pedaling something fierce!

  2. I love the quilt!! Thank you for making them such a wonderful gift from your beautiful heart!! I love you!

  3. Beautiful quilt, beautiful gift, beautiful story! (Except for the sewing through your finger part - such an ouchie!)


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