Friday, March 7, 2008

new shoes

The other day
I was putting Lily's shoes on her dresser
(never mind why they weren't already there...)
and I said
aloud - but to myself -
This girl has outgrown all of her shoes
I have got to make some more!
Tyler said,
"that's what all the moms say when their kids outgrow their shoes"


Lily was quite pleased with her shoes!

momma's quite pleased to have accomplished something


  1. Yummers! Those are cute! Our newest project is a shrug for my dress.

  2. Is the fuz peeking out a sock that Lana pretified?

    How was your Monday? From previous posts I have learned that those are marathons.

  3. golly, I don't even remember Monday.... but you're sweet to ask :-)
    the fuzz is indeed from a sock - but that's actually a pair that I made.

    I know - now it's really the longest ever between posts..... fixin to work on that....


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