Monday, April 21, 2008

coming soon to a mailbox near you...

they're in the mail!
I haven't been so relieved to finish a project
in a long time.
that's not quite true;
I was pretty darn relieved when I finally
got those blasted sleeves in the wedding dress last Saturday
when she saw them
she knew
those were the sleeves she wanted
very Galadrielish
if you're a LOTR's fan
(which I'm not! But I've been subjected to it enough
to have learned a thing or two...)
I said, "Sure I can do that."
you know
I can do anything
and she's my daughter and it's what she wants.....
(and I had no clue how tricky they would be to put in!)
Those sleeves were a bugger!
Tyler asked me what else had to be done.
I told him I was taking the rest of the day off
from wedding work!
Thanks, everyone, for pitching in
and helping with the invitations.
We make a pretty good team!


  1. Thanks, Mom, the sleeves are PERFECT, and, as we suspected, a perfect fit with the dress!
    I love you...
    Congrats on the invites, too!
    Alisha will be thrilled ;P

  2. The sleeves soud gorgeous!!!! If they're Galadriely, than that means they are!:P

  3. I have just gone back and read all the posts that I have missed b/c of the tree. It sounds like things are going beautifully at your house. Ya'll remember that just b/c we are in limbo house wise doesn't mean that I have suddenly been rendered helpless. Ya'll call if you need any help with the wedding.

  4. Sounds awesomely beautiful! I can't wait to see them!
    And I got our invitation today! Yippee!! Prettypretty!


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