Monday, April 28, 2008

my love

In my earliest memory of him
he made me laugh.
We worked together on Fridays.
I worked days
He worked evenings
but on Fridays
I’d pull a long shift,
working both the lunch and dinner rushes.
I was a waitress in an ugly uniform
He was a cook.
(in an equally ugly uniform)
For whatever reason, I was grouchy
and he made a stupid little potato person to cheer me up.
Oddly enough, it worked.
he’s been on my mind
ever since.
Happy (belated) Birthday
to the love of my life.
Because he is forty, forty things about him
He loves the Lord
He’s an awesome dad
He has a heart for the lost
He’s a good son
He makes delicious sloppy joes
He spurs me on to good works
(although, admittedly, sometimes it irritates me at the time)
He sees the good in people
He’s handsome
He likes a good action movie
He also enjoys a sappy romance
He appreciates my efforts in the kitchen
He’s quick to change when he’s erred
He has great legs
And gorgeous eyes
He’s steady
But he can still fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants
He brings me flowers for no reason
And pays full-price, even though I fuss at him
He’s a hard worker
He’s creative and will figure out the easiest way to get the work done
He’s a good inventor
He reads the same books over and over to the little boys
He loves my parents
As much as he loves his own
He can take a short nap and wake up refreshed
He gives Lily her baths
and tells me what a good girl she was
even though she cried the entire time
He loves a good joke
He also loves a stupid joke
He’s honest
And expects everyone else to be, too
He tries hard to speak my love language
Even though it's ‘foreign’ to him
He’s smart
And wise
He makes up wonderful stories for the kids
He will obey God no matter what
He loves a good back massage
But he doesn’t get one nearly as often as he should
He's much nicer than I am
He rarely complains
He is faithful
and I am so very grateful
that he is
I love you, Tyler

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