Thursday, April 3, 2008


for about a month or so.
I also check in fairly often with sweet, ornery baby Ashley.
It’s caused me to think a lot about organ donation.
I’d always planned to donate my organs -
I wouldn’t need them anymore…
and I figured
if ‘science’ wanted it
they could have the rest of my body, too.
I was thrilled when all I had to do
was check a box on my driver’s license form
to show my desire to be a donor.
A few years ago
Tyler and I were talking
for the sake of argument
(that man does like to argue)
he said maybe we shouldn’t be doing organ transplants;
Perhaps, in doing so, we were playing God.
it’s no secret
that I believe that doctors often cross the lines
and play God sometimes,
so this made me really question transplants.
So much so
that when it came time to renew my license,
I left the donor box unchecked
because I hadn’t really figured it out yet.
I’ve felt badly about it from time to time
but as a general rule
I’m pretty wrapped up in my own life
and didn’t give it much thought.
Until I started reading these two blogs.
I have come full circle;
I’m surprised it took me so long.
I’m dumb like that sometimes!
God is far too big
to let a ‘little’ thing like an organ donation
change His plan.
…All the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be
Psalm 129:16
Tricia got her new lungs last night.
Someone lost their life yesterday, in order for her to get them.
I hope that that person is now in the presence of Jesus
and that Tricia can live out the rest of her pre-ordained days
bringing glory to the Father,
just as she’s been doing.
Just as I hope to do.


  1. And it was Nate's birthday, too, how perfect!
    Isn't God wonderful?


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