Wednesday, October 1, 2008

bits n pieces

This morning
Josiah was reading Go Dogs Go.
He excitedly ran through the house exclaiming
"I learned to read! I was reading Go Dogs Go all by myself!"
We all congratulated him
and Jeremiah followed him into the playroom to listen
while he repeated those familiar words.
Jeremiah was so proud of his bub's new 'skill'.
"You are reading!
Oh, Josiah I love you!"
Thanks to just a couple minutes instruction from her brother-in-law
Lily now knows her hands and her elbows
and she has delighted in telling me about them all day long.
Such a smart little girl!
That smart little girl has also been a bit (and I'm being kind!)
of a stinker this week!
I told her I expect a new tooth soon
I heard a new song on the radio the other day
and it has stuck with me.
I think I'll make it my prayer for my 41st year.
empty me
of me
so I can be filled with You.

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  1. I'm in the bathroom and I hear a shout from in the bedroom "Hah!"
    I rush out, "what?!"

    "I taught my new sister-in-law something"

    lol, good job, dear :)

    we're so proud of those smart kiddos!


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