Wednesday, October 15, 2008


One of the things I desire
is for my children to show initiative.
To see a need and fill it
without being asked.
It seems that girls are a bit better at this than boys.
maybe not.
Jeremiah has gotten fairly good at showing initiative.
He is often the one to realize we have no water at dinner-time
and will go get it.
I used to worry that he was getting it straight from the faucet
without using the filter;
but, no, he even uses the filter!
Just a moment ago
I was folding laundry and the timer went off.
It wasn't a big deal;
nothing was going to burn in the oven,
so I just ignored it.
It went off again.
Josiah told me, "Timer, Mom"
and I assured him it'd be okay if I got it in a sec
it was just to remind me to check the bread
to see if I needed to turn the oven on yet.
I told him I would finish folding the laundry, then get it.
And that sweet little 3 year old boy said,
"How about I finish folding the laundry for you
so you can get it now?"
Honey - that would explain why
it looks like I just wadded up your skivvies.....


  1. Hi!
    I read this clip to Adrienne. Yesterday, during her nap time (!) she surprised me by taking the clothes off the drying rack and folding them. I was tickled pink at how neatly she had done it!

    Unfortunately, they weren't dry...

    I rehung them without telling her. :-)

    Thanks for inspiring her to do good deeds!
    From the Latvian cousins

  2. How sweet! :)
    I remember when my grown daughter would fold her own diapers...Sort of.


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