Thursday, October 30, 2008

unexpected promises

I just got a package!
if I were like my friend Sandy
I would have waited till this evening to open it
but alas
I am not.
I am
So I quickly grabbed my trusty Leatherman pocketknife
and opened the box.
I thought maybe it was going to to be a nutcracker;
the size was about right.
But it was way better than a nutcracker
(especially for nasty black walnuts!)
and if I would've waited till I was all alone to open it,
I would have missed Lily's delighted squeal
at seeing
Thanks, Mom!
I love you
I shared before I saw the note;
And to be perfectly honest,
now that they all know I have candy
I'll probably share again.
That's just what moms do.

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  1. I'd forgotten about my chocolate! how is this possible??
    I was just scrolling down & there it was - in brown & white :-)

    It was the perfect time to remember, because I have a cup of hot tea. (and no kids around - they are happily snuggling & chattering in Jeremiah's bed) I do love chocolate with a hot beverage!


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