Thursday, October 23, 2008

things are going to change around here

It has been a l o n g day!
Tomorrow will be even longer.
To be entirely honest,
it should have come months ago
but the whole thing is just overwhelming to me.
1 kid at a time
would be okay.
But both of these little guys???
And their ever-so-observant sister??
(and the big guys aren’t entirely flawless, either….)
ever so subtly
things grew worse and worse.
Not quite instant obedience.
A few too many questions.
Not outright disrespect
disrespect nonetheless.
Lack of discipline.
(on my part just as much, if not more, than theirs. Sigh)
Too much crying and ridiculous carrying on.
I’ve been trying the mercy route.
It ain’t workin’.
even though I was careful to express that I was showing mercy
- lest they think I was just a weenie letting things slide -
(although, again, being perfectly honest, sometimes I was)
they mistook my mercy for _________
Well, I’m not sure what exactly they mistook it for…..
Suffice it to say
There has been a lack of peace & joy in our home
and frankly
I can’t take it any longer.
here we are
in boot camp.
Or maybe we should call it
Booty Camp
‘cause I know 2 little guys
who are gonna have real sore ones.
Ya’ll pray for us!


  1. Well, you're not alone, Dear!

    Those little guys have a cousin who's been in booty camp this week too! Papa has been on vacation and is home to help.

    Things are looking better. A LOT less crying. Crying is only allowed if hurt. Pride and self-pity don't count.

    Questions are allowed once obedience has happened and if asked with a right attitude.

    Accountability takes work from both sides, right? Be encouraged!! We're training them for life, not just the moment.

    Lots of love!

  2. oh, we so much understand exactly where you're coming from. I think know that we've gone through that... Things seem to be going well and little by little, things seem to slip. Well, I need to go to take care of my child who is in need of Boot Camp!

  3. Thanks for the tips on not washing the Ergo! Also, thanks for answering Rachel's questions on it.

    I hope your pregnancy is going well and I enjoyed looking over the posts on your beautiful family! With all the pain and sacrifice you have been through, no doubt the rewards are worth it!

    Blessings to you tonight as you deal with "Booty Camp!" That's a great new phrase I'm going to have to use!


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