Thursday, January 28, 2010

oh my!

Swimming suits are so much fun to make!

We were supposed to be in Branson today
whooping it up in the nice warm water
the hotel called us Tuesday evening
to say, "Sorry - water park will be closed 'for maintenance'"
which really just means
they weren't going to have enough guests
to make it worth opening today.
They aren't even going to give us any kind of a deal
for when we go in a few weeks.
looking at the bright side:
I got to try my hand a suit-sewing!

This little girl
has got to be
the very sweetest in the world!

(the not sweetest mom in the world!)
"Lily! You just spilled Mommy's pins!
You are not supposed to mess with Mommy's pins!"
"Momma, I know you're frustrated with me.
I'm sorry. I know I'm the one that spilled them.
I'll pick them all up."
"Thanks for my skirt, Mom."
"Well, Lily, it's not done yet - I still have to do the hem."
"Well, thank-you for it anyways."
If only I could be half as kind and loving as that girl....


  1. CUTE!!!
    And Lily looks SO much like you in that second picture.
    she's such a sweetie pie :)

  2. She is just adorable! and you know what, she does look just like you! you should pull out one of your baby pics and put them side by side! a mini me. (you)(sorry about branson, but the weathers not good anyway!)

  3. We have pulled out the pictures and she really does look like mom! Except that mom's haircut wasn't as cute - her bangs were half the length of lily's :p

  4. Yeah, what was it with the super short bangs when we were kids?

    I love the swim suit. What kind of fabric is it?

  5. Oh - She is so much more adorable than I ever was!

    I think our mom's only wanted to cut our bangs twice a year or something.

    swimsuit fabric :-) I got the patchwork fabric from Hancocks & the stripy I ordered online. Fabric was cheap - shipping was not.... We making swimsuits after you get a stash of bags?? :-)

  6. Love the suits! I've been tempted a few times to try it, but never did. You did a fantastic job and have the most beautiful girls!


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