Wednesday, January 6, 2010

treasure at the library

I rarely have time to look upstairs
I can sometimes sneak in a few minutes
to quickly browse the new non-fiction shelves.
When I saw the title, Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone,
I snatched it up.
no - I'm not generally relaxed while cooking.

I figured maybe I'd get some kitchen inspiration;
Lord knows
- and so does everyone else in the house -
that I've been severely lacking in inspiration
in the kitchen.

I'd barely looked at the pages when Josiah asked
if I had any paper he could look at.
The big boys were reading the newspaper
and he was feeling a bit left out.
I told him,
"I got a cookbook at the library today.
It has a lot of pictures; you might enjoy looking at that?"
Needless to say,
that was the end of the book for me.
I can't get it away from the kid
and when I did have a moment to look at it the other day
he caught me and said, "Quit lookin' at my book."
I told him I'd have to look at it some
if we were going to make anything from it.

The banoffee pie was a big hit
(I followed the recipe exactly - except I had light brown sugar, instead of dark)
after dinner this evening,
we'll be having Pomegranate Martinis
(If you've never heard a four year old
ask for a Pomegranate Martini - you're missing out :-)
I highly recommend a peek at the book
but if you're planning to borrow it out from theFSM library
you'll be waiting awhile;
we're definitely renewing this one!


  1. it was so funny "Hey Lana, we got a cookbook from the library..." he's very proud of it.
    Pomegranate Martinis... sound good! you shall have to post a picture. do you have the glasses and everything?
    i was looking at a magazine of recipes, and many of them buy either processes, semi-prepared foods, or things that I just don't usually buy b/c they're expensive. But I want to branch out and try more new things... Maybe I should try this cookbook when you are done :)

  2. OOoooo...Curtis!! His food always looks yummy on tv,and he makes it so simple. I bet the book IS great!

  3. there are quite a few recipes we'll try - some ingredients are rather exotic for Arkansas, though...

    I may end up buying it - Josiah enjoys it SO much!! I read the recipes to him as if they were stories :-)

    does the guy always wear blue?? (he is wearing blue in almost every picture...)

  4. Lana ~ bet it was Taste of Home or one of it's sister magazines - huh?

    I found some cool little snack plates that have punch cups with them at Rags, so that's what we used. Josiah told me I must've not made them right, because they were supposed to be RED. our cups are green :-)
    miss you!

  5. Hmmm, I may need to check that one out. We LOVE to watch stone on TV. So does the book come with his Aussie accent?


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