Monday, June 7, 2010


We made these!!

As usual
Brandon was my right-hand guy
I got the capsule machine last year;
I don't know why it took me so long to actually use it!
We started with just some simple cinnamon capsules
but I have plans for making my own herbal combinations.

Speaking of herbal combinations
my recipe for 'Green Stuff' has been requested.
I'll post it here
and perhaps more people can benefit from it....

Making your own 'medicine'
is pretty intimidating - until you do it
and then
you realize,
"Gee, that wasn't hard at all!"
I was going to type up my recipe
but the folks from the bulk herb store
have already done it for me.
(much better than I could have)
The only thing I would add to their directions is this:
their recipe calls for several herbs
and while your Green Stuff would be great made with them all
I have found that using only plantain
or a mix made of mostly plantain
with a little bit comfrey and echinacea added in
makes a very fine salve
good for pretty much any skin irritation.
Ordering dry herbs online is much less expensive
than buying them from the health food store
for your first time
I'd suggest just heading to your local store
and getting only the amount you need.
when you see how fabulous this medicine you made is
you'll be happy to purchase herbs in bulk
to make more.
and now
I'm off to make some 'medicines' of my own
apothecary that I am...

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