Thursday, June 24, 2010

exciting times

Ever since Tyler and Tony left the bank
to head to the Post Office
to apply for passports for their trip to Belize
we have been under attack.
Not that life was peaceful and easy before that...
It's common for us to overload our kitchen power strip;
all we have to do
is attempt to use 2 appliances at the same time
We turn off whatever needs turning off and flip the switch
and we're back in business.
And if we're really good
we remember to turn back on
whatever it was we turned off...
This time was different though
I couldn't just flip the switch on the strip;
I had to get into the fuse box.
And it was a little fiddly
and there weren't exactly sparks
but I did see light.
But the power came back on
so I wasn't too worried.
My friend, Lynnet, was over
and we got back to work pin-basting her quilt.
And then
it happened again
we weren't using any thing 'extra'.
This time, though
the power didn't come back on.
and there were sparks.
and smoke.
coming from the breaker box.
I called Tyler.
He said to leave it alone.....

We called one of our electricians
and he told us what we (Tyler) needed to do.
Tyler waited till about 10 to head up to the attic to ruin new wire
so it'd be a cool 100 or so degrees.
Tyler was laying across the 2x4's in the attic
while the boys were taking turns
trying to 'feed' him the wire when he wanted it.
We noticed some - um - cracking and creaking
coming from the ceiling.
I hollered up, "Be careful!" a couple of times.
As if that'd help....
At one point
Lexi wandered over by the door
and I had Brandon move her to where I was
(sitting on the couch babying my sore foot...)
about a minute or so after that
the ceiling came crashing down
2+ trash bags worth of insulation
and about 40 years of dust and mud-dauber nests

made for easier attic access, though....
not only did Tyler have to re-wire a portion of the house
he also had to fix the ceiling.
About 26 hours after the 'smoke bomb' went off
we were back to normal.
As normal as it gets.

I think I could do with a little less excitement around here.

is more my speed....


  1. Oh Tracy! I'm so sorry to hear about this!

    On a happy note, the quilt looks marvelous!

  2. i didn't know you were working on a new quilt - love the colors :)

    sorry bout the ceiling. man that was some dust storm in the living room , judging by the pictures...

  3. My house is downright BORING when compared to spending the day with you! It was MOST exciting and I'm thinking I should have stayed a bit longer for the REAL excitement! Everything looked great on Friday. Thank you so much for your awesome help.

    I love the way you've laid this one out. The picture doesn't do it justice in showing how vibrant the colors are and how well they go together.

  4. You blow me away with your sewing talent lady!!!

    As for the ceiling falling in, I'm so glad everyone is okay and that no one got hurt. What a mess! I am glad it only took a day to get back to "normal." My "normal" feels pretty crazy most days too!


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