Sunday, June 13, 2010

shopped out

We needed some new pool stuff
floaties, goggles
that sort of thing
so we decided to make
shopping for them
our Family Fun Night activity on Friday.
We just went to the Dollar Tree and Wal-mart
but still
it took a couple of hours.
Saturday morning
we headed to Penny's;
they were having - get this - a sale.
Most everyone needed an outfit or two
so the whole family went.

We started in the little boys section
and found something for Josiah
(who dearly loves getting new clothes!)
then looked briefly in the girl's section
till I came to my senses & remembered
neither girl needs anything.
Lily dearly loves new clothes, too
but she was a trooper.
The shoes, though, she had a hard time
passing up all the cute shoes!

Then it was on to Jeremiah's department.
Can you believe - all these kids
and none of their clothes are in the same dept.

After the boys 4 - 7 section
things started getting a little crazy
what with several people trying on clothes
and different ones going off in multiple directions
trying to speed up this whole shopping process.
By the time it was time for me to look in the ladies department
everyone had pretty much had it.
Especially me!
Which is what happens
we all go clothes shopping
Tyler and I were talking on the way home:
none of the kids were bad
(even Lexi was pretty good, actually)
but there's just so darn many of us.....
and we take up so much space
and it just takes soooo long.
It's exhausting.
Since we didn't get a chance to look for anything for me yesterday
Tyler wanted to take me shopping this afternoon.
We spent almost 4 hours at Kohl's
and I am completely
shopped out.
We bought
7 pairs of capris / crop pants
some 'dressy', some casual, and some really casual
and 5 tops.
I don't think
I have ever bought so much clothing
for myself at one time before.
It really is extravagant
to have more than enough clothes to last an entire week
without washing or re-wearing.

I just need to figure out where to put everything....


  1. I feel your pain! Just going to the library wears me out - and I only have three. Sorry. No real comparison, I know.

    The brain cells go into overload trying to keep track of everything!!

    Kaylana if I can figure out what just happened to all my photos when I merged two folders. Help!

  2. woohoo! clothes for the momma!
    ... Sometimes shopping is just hard. And I love to shop.
    This afternoon, we went to big lots and then walmart to compare bookcases and other storage options, and even though Luke had originally planned to take me clothes shopping too (just 2 or three more shirts, that AREN'T 3/4 sleeve. that's all I ask. Why did I think I could wear 3/4 sleeve shirts during an Arkansas summer?). Aiden was cranky and I was DONE! so we went home.
    Usually I have a bit more stamina than that....

  3. We used to love going to the library; it was one of the highlights of our week. way back when Brandon was the only little one and we swapped him out among the 3 big kids & momma. We don't go to the library much anymore.
    I go. by myself.....

    Going ANYWHERE with kids changes things! even GOOD kids.

  4. Did I ever tell ya about the time I took 15 people to Walmart on a SATURDAY?

    Not my best moment.

    Glad you got some clothes. That always makes a girl feel good!

  5. You'll have to tell me about that one, Sandy!


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