Monday, June 21, 2010

these shoes were made for walking

...or maybe not...

I found these shoes last week
and wore them around the shoe department for quite some time.
Considering the shoe - they were pretty comfy
(which we all know is a deciding factor
for anything I'm going to wear)
I talked myself out of them.
I don't really need a really cute pair of heels
that I'll only wear a few times a year.
Even if they are only $8.50.

Blast it all
I thought about those shoes all week long!

Tyler and I ran to WM Sunday afternoon
to pick up some cool whip for his Baked Alaska Pie
and something made me think of them again and I said,
"I wish I would've bought those shoes!"
So he said, "Let's go buy them right now."
The man spoils me, I know.
I really didn't think they'd be there;
neither did he
but he figured he'd be a hero anyways, for trying.
But there they were
still calling me
on a shelf full of other marked down shoes.

A few months ago
I wore some shoes I'd bought on clearance at winter's end.
Heeled mules
but, with the right pants, they looked like boots.
Ya'll know
everyone was wearing boots last winter.
A friend of mine saw them and asked, "Are you wearing boots?!"
As if I were the last person on earth who would....
She wasn't being mean at all;
she just knows me as the completely unfashionable mom I've been
ever since she's known me.

When we got back in the car yesterday
with my new impracticable shoes,
I reminded Tyler that I've always been a shoe girl.
But that part of me has been buried
by the 'mom' part of me for so long
we almost forgot she existed.
I'm pretty sure though
that the shoe-girl and the momma can co-exist peacefully.
Just as soon as I build another shoe shelf in my corner of the closet...


  1. good luck getting them away from Lily long enough to wear them!

  2. oh Tracy I love this little blog. I too am a shoe girl..I will have over 20 pairs in my closet at one time..but the funny thing is...I'm always barefooted. I get to church or someones house and off come my shoes. At least they look pretty in my closet.

  3. me, too, Darinda! It just feels wrong to wear shoes in a house.....


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