Saturday, November 20, 2010


I think I've found it.
Our spot.
A place we can return to often.
and know.
Silly thing is - it was there all along.

I'd e-mailed a friend in the summer
asking if there were any water-holes near here.

I wanted a place we could explore weekly.
I pictured us wading when it was hot;
skipping rocks when it was cold.
Collecting bugs and flowers and rocks and sticks.

Her husband wrote me back.
Most places he mentioned were 1/2 hour away or so;
I wanted less of a drive,
The one place closer, 
he cautioned me against going without a full-grown male.

My sister in law sent me a note today
and in it, told me to enjoy the sunshine for her, if we had any.
She lives in Latvia and it's positively dreary right now.

I was washing dishes this morning
and it looked so beautiful outside;
the sun was shining brightly
and I knew it wasn't too chilly.
I thought of Kaylana.
"What if we just go?" I wondered.

I'd thought about this little water hole several times before
but dismissed it
thinking it was just to far to head to regularly.

I called Tyler and asked him how to get there
(boy - that's a switch!)
threw some apples, crackers and cheese in  a box
added some towels - in case somebody fell in
and we were off.

The minute we stepped out of the car
I knew it was the right decision.
I'd known it the minute we hit the highway
but it was confirmed when we arrived.
"Just listen to that water, Mom!" said Jeremiah,
"It's not all that deep but it sounds like a waterfall."


I feel better today than I've felt in a long time.

If I've thought it once,
I've thought it fifty times
and said it quite a few,
"If I could just get to the ocean, I'll be okay."

Maybe I don't need the ocean
maybe just a little water-hole will do.

And to think
it was there all the time.


  1. oh!!! That makes me cry. So glad to hear you found it.

    Yes, it's dreary here. The ocean is no help when the weather is this grey. I do enjoy the sound when it's windy though.

    Enjoy and be blessed!!!

  2. Oh, that looks wonderful! Maybe you can take me down there sometime! love the pictures!

  3. Ter ~ it's probably barely an hour from you so maybe we could even meet there sometime. see ya Thursday!

  4. Is there a dead thing in that first picture of leaves?

  5. hmm - there just might be. We're debating it....

  6. Regarding the 1st photo - when I zoomed in on it, I jumped when I saw what looked like an eye looking at the camera! What is it????


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