Friday, November 19, 2010


Lexi didn't ask to nurse today.
Which is odd
considering yesterday
she asked more than usual
and at one point was pulling on my shirt
begging, "Please! Please! Please!!

It's been a really long week.
I'm not entirely sure why, even.

The boys are still loving TKD!
They've all earned at least two stripes for their belts.

I really want to learn to knit.
Or maybe
I just want to be able to knit.

I don't know when I would knit, if I could.
I haven't managed to squeeze in any sewing in quite some time.
My pathetic attempts at crochet have fallen by the wayside.
Roselle taught Lana to crochet.  :-)

We bought a bed for the girls from Overstock;
the playroom will be their bedroom.
Have you ever ordered a queen-size bed on-line before??
They had that thing shrink-wrapped, folded and rolled up.
I was just sure they'd sent us the wrong size!

Tony got a letter from UAFS today.
They want his Fall transcript before they'll accept him.
Funny thing is
the admissions guy we talked to said no one would be applying
for the prestigious scholarships till mid-December at the earliest
because they wouldn't have their 7th semester transcripts yet.

I'm really liking Seven Quick Takes lately; 
seems I don't have time for much else these days.

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