Friday, November 5, 2010

seven quick takes - just life edition

I have determined that ice and cold water in the door
are a bit over-rated.
We’ve had wet carpet by the fridge since Sunday, noonish.

Poor poor Papa!
He isn’t used to staying up late
and getting up during the night with The Beastie.
She is doing a lot better though
and he’s got her going to bed much earlier, around 11:30.
He’s looking forward to the time change.

Lexi came into bed with me this morning.
I was so happy to snuggle up with my wild-haired sweetie!

Boys are loving Taekwondo!
They got their uniforms Tuesday;
The look so cute!
‘Specially Josiah!

Speaking of wild haired sweeties and happy…
Last night when I nursed her
(we’re down to 3 times a day now)
She smiled so big and clapped when I pulled out the boob.
When we switched sides
She smiled even bigger (if that were possible)
clapped again
and said, “Happy.”

In an effort to create even the slightest bit of margin in the house,
we’ve been playing musical chairs with the furniture.
And cleaning everything top to bottom.
And I do mean everything.
We started with the boys' closet
which has been a black hole since we moved in.
most of the house is a total wreck right now.

It’s pretty stinkin’ hard to create margin
with 8 people living
in a 975 sq ft house.

Visit Jen for more quick takes. Thanks, Jennifer, for hosting!

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