Sunday, July 29, 2012

and now, the post we have all been waiting for

On  July 19th, at 6 in the very hot evening,
on a little dock at Carol Ann Cross Park,
in a small, sweet (and did I mention, hot?) wedding ceremony,
Tony and Kacy
got married.

I tried to not meddle ~ really, I did! But I couldn't help myself.
At 1:45 (in the very hot afternoon) I got Tony's blessing to decorate.
(as much as one can decorate at a moment's notice
with little help
on a hot July day)
See, they didn't really care about decor
or a big guest-list ~ they just wanted to get hitched.
But Kacy was awful tickled with the flowers Wednesday evening,
and her eyes lit up when she realized we could take the flowers with us to the dock...
I figured a little tulle would help her wedding day be a bit more magical.
Kacy rode with Tyler,
and Tony I were just minutes ahead of them...
Tony (the groom) Tim (the preacher) Roselle (the photographer) and Kacy's Dad and Valerie
all pitched in to help and we had the the wedding chapel ready in no time.

That fabric? tablecloths from the night before.
(I basted 2 together, but had planned to hang them vertically, so my stitching wasn't quite long enough. oops) 
Cooled it down by at least 10 degrees!
(did I mention the sweat trickling running down everyone's backs?!)

Her daddy went to get her from our Excursion and bring her to her man.

now you know why I needed a dress...

Tim always presents the couple with a gift as part of the ceremony.
Since they are both severs at Marketplace,
he gave them aprons, to remind them to always serve one another.

He may have also recommended wearing them

the vows

(do I look turtley enough for the turtle club?!)

at least Valerie is in the turtle club with me...

the rings

A story about Tony's ring:    One of 'their' words is palladium 
it means 'anything believed to provide protection or safety; safeguard.'
When they were ring shopping, they liked the look of this ring, and Tony liked the way it felt.
Then, the salesperson told them what it was made of.
It was a no-brainer.

the prayer

the kiss

Mr and Mrs Tony Lou....



  1. that made me tear up! Congratulations!! Everything was perfect and beautiful! when they were looking at the aprons, it looked like g-strings for a minute!! and the look on Kacy's face was priceless!! very sweet and the decor and the shoes....LOVE!!!

  2. awesome! so sweet! so pretty!
    God Bless them real Good!

  3. awwww, Kacy is so beautiful! and Tony is so handsome!
    love her shoes :D
    beautiful, beautiful pictures :D

  4. Great pictures! So happy for Tony and Kacy! We pray they have a long and happy marriage. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Great pictures..they really tell the story of the day. Congrats to all of you.


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