Sunday, July 15, 2012


That 'in between' period is a beast sometimes.
In childbirth, and in life.
Even good changes are painful,
especially for one not fond of change at all.

Tony and Kacy - with our blessing - have decided to tie the knot a little sooner than originally planned.
They figured I'd be perfectly fine with it, seeing as how I'm of the mindset,
that once you find the one with whom you'll spend your life,
you might as well just get on with it.
And I am perfectly fine with it.
Most of the time.
But those other times - those other times, I can't even breathe.
And liquid falls from my eyes, even though I tell it not to.
Those moments catch me completely unaware.

I knew Tony was packing Wednesday;
packing up his entire life into a few cardboard boxes.
And I was okay.
Really. I was.
Until Lily showed me the keychain he'd given her...

I was rinsing my little coffee pot,
just a little ritual I do several times a week, 
in preparation for my afternoon coffee and reading with my feet propped up,
while Lex' goes down for a nap,
when I saw Brandon walk by out of the corner of my eye. 
I heard him go up the ladder to his loft room.
The room that, after Thursday, will no longer be his brother's and his - will be his, alone.
And the tears fell.

I am happy for Ton'.
And I am just tickled with Kacy ~ she is so perfect for him!
And more importantly we feel like this is God's will.
But man!
Sometimes transition's a beast.


  1. Hugs sweet sister!
    I fully understand-transition time here too... emotions being pulled left and right and left again. All to stretch us and help us grow.

    I'll fill you in later on what is happening here. It's all good though!

  2. No, change isn't always so easy, hugs to you sister and congrats to them. they won't be far. and it will all be okay. you'll see. Other than you are losing a great big helper, you are gaining another. they must be thrilled.Love you!!!

  3. When are they getting married??

  4. I second the Taggtroop. I understand the in between growing time. Transitioning out of college into the "real" world isn't the cake walk I was hoping for.

  5. Thursday. ceremony w only parents. Then we'll have a reception in early September (to which you will all be invited :-)

    Ah, Bekah. I'm sorry! Transitions rarely are....

  6. oh my, tears can come at unexpected and expected times. Some of it gets easier and some doesn't. So I'm just going to think about something else right now.


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