Tuesday, July 17, 2012

music that moves

My kids think I'm a music-hater, but that's really not true.
I'm just a noise-hater.

The other day, Tyler was beating me at Backgammon.
Seriously - it used to be about 50 / 50
but here lately (as in - the past several weeks!) he has won every.single.game.
Ticks me off!
So anyways ~ we're playing Backgammon on his iPod.
I'm losing. He's winning.
And he put a love song station on the Pandora.
(I have no clue how this thing works. you can pause it, but not skip stupid songs??)
I noticed that while a song I liked was on (usually one from the 80's or 90's)
I didn't mind him beating me so much.
But when a song came on that I didn't care much for,
I didn't care much at all for all his stupid rolling of doubles and such.

interesting  ~ huh?


  1. hahaha! you are so funny. your story, not that Tyler was beating you. But I think I would probably feel the same way about music that moves!!!hahaha!!!

  2. Yep, interesting! : )


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