Tuesday, May 14, 2013

caught up (almost)

It's probably been at least six months since I noticed that the dryer was taking an awfully long time
to dry.
But I did not want to have to get a new dryer!

For the past 3 months, it's been kinda hit and miss on whether or not there would be heat.
And if there was heat - would it be normal, or super hot.
Or would the timer advance properly, or speed through the cycle.
Or would it even start at all.

Brandon and I have tried various things to fix it,
mostly spending hours trying to figure out the right combination of words,
so Google could tell us what to do.
Best we could figure, we had multiple issues going on.

Even so, I've managed to stay on top of the laundry for the most part.
Until the dryer pretty consistently didn't heat for days
(except for the 10 minutes that it did heat, and it was scary hot)
then I cleaned the girls' room
and wound up with four extra loads of laundry.
(which explains why we could never find anything for them to wear...)

I finally gave up the fight and admitted defeat, 
so last night,
 Tyler bought me a fancy new dryer.

GE 7 cu ft Electric Dryer (White)

So now, I am caught up on laundry again.

Except that Lex' peed on our sheets at naptime.
I'm out of laundry soap.


  1. That all sounds about right. running out of laundry soap is not good. worse to run out of toilet paper! bet you've been there, too!


  2. lol mom!! yay! for the new dryer...boo for having to buy one! You sure do go through appliances, but I am sure they get a lot of wear! yay for clean clothes! Love you all!


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