Wednesday, May 1, 2013


While Tony was away at Boot Camp,
in a show of solidarity,
some of us were working on getting in a little bit better shape here at home.

We've got a pull-up bar in the hallway, we do timed crunches, some people run, etc.

I tried and tried to do a pull-up.
Just one.
The family finds this tremendously entertaining,
as I use my feet to claw at the doorframe, to help push my chin towards the bar.
I remind them that I have to work way harder than them  - not only am I farther from the bar, but there's a lot more to lift!

Well, Saturday, for the first time ever, I managed to get my chin above the bar!!
Marin was the only one to witness it, but she was appropriately impressed
 and I called Tyler to tell him the good news, too.
He feels that pull-ups with feet propulsion don't really count.

Sunday night, the guys were talking about how much easier it is to do a pull-up on a real bar.
So I asked, 
"So, if I go down to the shop, I could probably do a pull-up?"
(Brandon and Tyler are building a gym out in a portion of the shop)
To which T responds, "Yeah, if you could jump high enough to grab the bar."
(It's is like 50 feet high)
and Ton' adds with a grin, "But there's nothing for you to use your feet on..."

I get no respect.

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  1. while I can picture all that and your story makes me smile, I have to give you a high five sis! I can't hardly do one push up, and I don't think its cuz Im "weak" but because my broken elbow never healed all the way, and the other one I am convinced has arthritis! I wish I could do them, but it pains me so!! so, good job sis!!


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