Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Out of all my sister in laws, I always felt the most comfortable with Sunny.

She taught me to make Bulgogi (Korean grilled beef);
I think I'm the only one in the family (except prob'ly her kids and Kyle) who can make it.

She doted on our kids when we went to visit,
buying them exotic novelties and treats from the Korean store,
and she was the epitome of love to Tyler while he was growing up.

Several years ago, she made doilies. Dozens and dozens of delicate doilies, crocheted with string, and a teeny tiny hook.
She told me I could pick one out,
and was tickled that I had a hard time choosing.
At first she'd thought I was just being nice ~ but I really was amazed at her talent, and couldn't pick just one.
I went on enough that she told me I could take as many as I wanted.
So I did :-)
I still keep one on my dresser, all these years later.

Sunny died this morning.
She's been sick and in tremendous pain for years, but still, it was unexpected.

I'm glad she isn't in pain anymore, 
I'm sad for Tyler.
I'm sad for her husband.
And for her kids, and her kids' kids.

Goodbye, Sunny. 
I love you.


  1. that is very sad. Lord bless all the family with His comfort and His love.


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