Thursday, May 16, 2013

red and black

The boys earned their red/black belts Saturday.
With Memorial Day right around the corner (which means they don't have to wear their uniform jacket until Labor Day) 
it was time for new TKD shirts.
(Apparently, I never took pictures of their brown ones. 
Which is too bad. 
I thought they looked like we bought them at Old Navy :-)

Once again,
Brandon and the boys designed their own shirts,
Bran fiddled with sizing, then printed off the designs onto bits of freezer paper taped to regular paper,
and I cut out the designs, then ironed the freezer paper to the shirt, and filled in the stencil with paint.
Josiah likes his fairly thin - 2 coats, with the 2nd coat applied before the first one dries thoroughly.
Jeremiah likes his thick - 3 coats, thoroughly dried in between,
and Brandon prefers 2 coats, thoroughly dried.
We had some leakage around a few of the letters, and on one of the guy's feet on Jeremiah's shirt.
Not sure what was up with that, but we're just going with it. 
It's not really noticeable at a normal distance anyways.

We ran out a few minutes before it was time to leave for TKD (Thanks for taking' em, Eva!!) to snap a few (blurry) shots.

They got silly....

I love my boys! And I love making them stuff they love!

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