Monday, July 11, 2016

sawdust and strings

I had to laugh when I looked down at myself
Saturday evening.

I had sawdust on my knees and calves,
and little threads
were pretty much everywhere.

Tyler told me
"You got to come help on the house when we needed you
(We have a porch now!!)
(well, we have a partial porch now, at least...)
and you got to sew a ton.
I guess this was pretty much the perfect weekend for you."

Pretty much.
(up until the last 30 min of sewing, which produced 3+ hours of seam ripping. grr)


  1. That's an awful lot of seam ripping. Sounds like an impressive mistake. Hope all good now.

    1. I was fighting with thread breakage while fmq because I really wanted to use a particular thread on the top and back. I kept tweaking settings, changing needles, added thread treatment, etc (of course I did all that on a scrap sandwich, and for a little bit, all would be fine, so I'd go back to the quilt...) I finally just decided to go with different thread - which meant ripping out all the quilting.
      I hope you are back to sewing soon!!


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