Wednesday, July 20, 2016

darn it!

Remember my stove?

I picked it up last week after visiting Gramma.

They'd told me that cosmetic issues were only covered for 60 days,
so be sure to open the box and inspect for damage.

I figured that wasn't really necessary,
but it'd be wise
all the same.

We opened the box yesterday evening,
only to discover that it was, in fact, 
and my poor stove had a run in with 
what looks to have been
a small forklift.
(even though it clearly says on the box not to use one.)

To add insult to injury,
it doesn't have the little counter lip thing that I thought it had.
So now I don't
even know what I'm going to do...

I was really frustrated about it last night;
I was already feeling like we can't manage to complete anything,
and there are so.many.decisions. to be made,
and here was one thing that I thought was taken care of
(and very nicely, too!)
that I still have to deal with.
And quite honestly,
I was feeling a little sorry for myself;
I'd been so excited God had provided that stove for me,
it turns out,

I was finishing up dinner
and having a pity party,
and Brandon was in the LEM
practicing the guitar.
He was singing Your Love is Wild.

Suddenly I didn't feel quite so bad.

(but I still need a new stove, darn it)


  1. Grrr. I have started checking things on the spot, before leaving the store. We shop so far from home (out of necessity) that returns would be expensive and time consuming. Recently bought a light fixture on sale...opened the box and it was not even close to the one we had chosen. Glad we checked! Sorry to hear about your stove. Good grief.

    1. Good thinking. Oh wow. You'd think somebody had to know the light wasn't the correct one..... sigh. Oh dear. We have a vanity we bought on clearance 2 months ago that is still in the (un-opened) box (insert big eyes emoji)

  2. I hope you can come to a happy resolution with the new stove. It must be frustrating but in the end I guess things will come together, building much patience along the way.


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