Wednesday, July 27, 2016

stepping up

I gotta brag on these kids a minute.

Yesterday was a(nother) full day.

Dinner was late,
as it always is on Tuesdays and Thursdays
due to TaeKwanDo,
so it was past 8 when we finished eating.

Tyler, Brandon, and I needed to work on the back porch after dinner
so I told the kids to clean up the kitchen,
including washing the dishes 
(for some reason, that has to be specified)
and then get to bed.

Lily came out about a half hour later and said,
"We've cleaned the kitchen, 
and I know we're supposed to be going to bed now,
but I just wanted to check and see
if you wanted us to do anything with laundry first."

I have been telling them they have got to step up;
if Mom is out working on the house,
I simply can't do everything inside
that I normally do.

I guess it's finally sinking in.

Momma loves you all.
Thanks for stepping up.

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