Tuesday, July 12, 2016

summer streaking

I have been waking up in the middle of the night /  early morning
with my hands, and sometimes my arms
so asleep that they feel like they are on fire.
And they stay that way for a good while.

I've dealt with body parts falling asleep and going numb
for years,
but this was pretty extreme.

I've also not been eating quite as carefully as I prefer to eat,
and had let sugar creep back in.
A little bag of  Trader Joe's dark chocolate almonds,
savored over the course of a week
turned into 
a bag 
savored over a single cup of coffee.

That sort of thing.

And when I do that,
it's easier to allow myself to have
a half of a skinny bun
and then
a piece and half of pizza....

More begets more with me.

I can't help but think that the two are related,
as when I am eating like I should,
I don't go numb nearly as often,
and I certainly don't have the on-fire pain and tingling.

I decided to start a(nother)  sugar free summer streak on July 5th
(although, truth be told,
I was feeling so miserable on the 4th,
I didn't indulge like I'd planned)
(Isn't that so silly?
I mean, I'm making a change because some foods (seem to) effect me so negatively,
and yet,
I plan to load up before I fast from them.

What is wrong with me?!)

In addition to abstaining from sugar, in all of its many forms,
I'll also pass on all wheat products,
because I have abused those, too.
Where I once could eat a half of a serving (measured on the kitchen scale)
and be content,
I had gotten to where I am quite certain my 'servings' 
were well above the suggested size.

I decided on the 5th
in addition to my no sugar streak
I would add in a step streak,
and (purposefully) get in an additional mile a day
(since my foot is still cantankerous, I'm using the trampoline,
though I'm pretty sure I could log a mile much faster 
if I laced up shoes and took off down the road.)

My hope plan is
that at summer's end, 
I will feel so good,
I'll be forced to continue both streaks,
as I won't be positive which one it is 
that's making me feel better.

I have just about given up on losing weight
(I haven't managed to lose anything in over 2 years,
but I've packed 10 lbs back on. sadness)
so this is not about weightloss.

I had been thinking about adding 'no getting on the scale' 
to my summer streaking,
but I hadn't made a decision on that.
I stepped on the scale anyways on my 5th or 6th day,
and darn it if I hadn't gained another pound and a half.
I admit it was rather discouraging,
but then,
I shouldn't have been surprised.
(and yet I was. 
Again - what the heck is wrong with me? Sheesh)

I told Tyler he should hide the scale,
because it would be best if I didn't weigh
and he said, 
"Just decide not to step on it.
You have more willpower than anyone I know.
I don't need to hide the scale."

And so,
I've decided.
For the remainder of the summer
(maybe even longer)
no eating wheat, sugar, or chips,
no skipping out on my mile,
and no stepping on the scale.

I'm 7 1/2 days in on my Summer Streak.
Anybody want to join me??

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