Friday, September 18, 2009

7 quick takes - photo edition


early stages of the BBR

Mrs. Lisa taught Lily how to polish silver in Aunt Terri's shop.
I love how - even from this angle -
you can see how closely Lily was paying attention


just ordinary life
I love these people!!!


Tyler's wants a photo for facebook.

the second one gets my vote

hubba, hubba

life with brothers....


Happy 17th, Ton'
You are such a blessing to our family!
I love you


For easy bedtime reading:
poor man's version of the gutter bookshelves
which, incidentally,
we like better
although - in a permanent house - I'd paint 'em
(The upright boards go to the bed, not the shelves - ignore them.)
We simply took a 2x4 & cut it the length we wanted the shelf to be
(by 'we' I mean, Tony, mostly)
then we split the board in half, so we had (roughly) 2 - 2x2's.
Found the studs then screwed the 2x2's onto the wall.
Then we put a line of glue
on the bottom portion of a 1x3 cut to the same length as the 2x4 (now the 2x2)
lined up the bottom of both boards
and added a few finishing nails.

I figure they can choose new books every week.
If they're especially careful,
they can earn the privilege of having library books on their shelves, too!
I didn't want them fighting over books
so I kept sending them to get 2 books each.
Jeremiah was very thoughtful choosing his books;
Josiah wasn't. (except Mouse Paint - he loves that book!)


last week's Family Fun Night

sisters playing together make me so happy!

I do love these people
for more quick takes, visit Jen

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