Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the big day

We were going to
start school today.
No matter what.
Ready or not.
We didn't.
I did something I rarely ever do last night;
I went to bed early.
With a whole bunch of stuff undone.
I was just so tired!
logic was - I was going to bed so early
surely I'd wake up
- refreshed -
and I could accomplish more than if I stayed up
and attempted to finish my work
while in a sleep-deprived state
(I've been averaging 5 hours a night (interrupted, of course)
and that just doesn't cut it anymore)
My logic failed me.
The night was not restful
and was even more interrupted than normal.
when I got up this morning
than usual
I decided to swallow my pride
and take
yet one more
'one more day'
to really get ready
and we'll give it another go
All is not lost, though
I've got the oven warming up
so we can start our last
'last day of summer'
off right
with cookies for dessert
after breakfast

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