Friday, September 11, 2009

boys blessings and papa bears

Often when TJ and the boys do something (bowling, movie..)
they'll invite Tyler to go along.
He doesn't usually get to go- but it's an honor to be asked.
We gave Tony an early birthday present this evening:
two tickets to tomorrow's Rock the River 10-hour concert.
He grinned,
"You going with me, Dad?"
What a blessing for my sons to have a Pop
who loves to invest in them
what a blessing to have sons who enjoy being
with their dear-old-dad!
I don't know of many 17 year-olds
who'd be happy their dad was going to a concert with them.
What's also neat,
is - it would have still been cool with Ton'
if Brandon was going along, too.
There really aren't many guys who'd be good with that!
I love you, my men;
all of you!
(and I'm really glad I'm not going to the concert!)
Sons are a heritage from the LORD
Ps 127:3

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  1. girls would do the same thing and we'd have friends ask "they asked your husband to go? why?"
    it seemed like a foreign question to me.


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