Friday, September 11, 2009

plain jane

A friend recently gave me a ton of hand-me-downs
(why on earth are they called that? It makes no sense!)
There were so many
if I’d have kept them all
it would have more than doubled my wardrobe.
my stay-home lifestyle doesn’t warrant many of the clothes
and some of the clothes, while I liked them very much,
just weren’t me.
As I surveyed the pile of keepers
I thought to myself, “I really am plain Jane.”
I was never particularly fond of my wedding dress.
I bought it because it was cheap.
As in - $20 cheap.
And it fit.
I thought it was so plain and boring.
It was plain and boring!
Nothing like what I would have chosen as my wedding dress
if I’d had unlimited funds.
Or just more funds.
Several people commented
(I’m sure they meant it as a compliment - I didn‘t take it as such)
“Oh, your dress is perfect. It’s so ‘you’”
Thank-you very much.
This dress is plain.
It’s like
the ugliest wedding dress I’ve ever seen.
Not a bit of sparkle.
No ruffle.
No floof.
In retrospect
that dress really was ‘me’.
I really am just a plain simple gal.
I adore floral prints - just not on me.
All of my shirts are solid.
In the rare event I stray and buy a patterned shirt;
I get rid of it within a year.
It’s just not me.
am a simple girl.
I am Plain Jane
But I am okay with that now.


  1. I find absolutely nothing wrong with solid colors... my whole closet looks that way. :-)

    At least your daughters like florals and prints. My darling daughter is taking after her mommy - solids. Not a frilly bone in her body. She is a little more creative than I am though... She gets it from her papa.

    Can we share the Plain Jane title??

    But in nature isn't the mother always bland looking?

  2. always happy to share :-) although, yo do wear fabulous textures....

    good point!

    all the milk, slops & snot mess doesn't blend in to the solids real well, though

    hugs & kisses


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