Sunday, September 27, 2009

memory lane

Lily, Josiah, and Jeremiah
all had a favorite song
when then were babies.
Some (Lily's) were more tolerable than others (Jeremiah's - gag!).
The song would get played
and over
and over
(usually while someone was dancing)
to keep the baby from screaming

Jeremiah is in the bedroom
singing "I Loved Her First" to Lexi.
He should know it;
he's heard it a million and one times...
It was right around the time Luke and Lana started courting
that Lily picked this song.
We couldn't get the song pulled up on youtube fast enough!
I'd dance around the living room
and bawl my eyes out
waltzing with one baby girl, while my other girl
was getting ready to waltz out the door.

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