Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the big bathroom remodel

home again
home again
jiggity jig
We got back early evening yesterday
from a fairly successful
trip to Rogers
for the Big Bathroom Remodel.
The remodel was big;
the bathroom
was not.
Terri asked me a few weeks ago for my
slightly-informed, non-expert opinion
about what it would cost to remodel her bathroom.
Forgetting my dear sister's champagne tastes,
I briefly calculated,
called Tyler,
and then called her back.
"$1,000 - $1,200.
We'll be there soon."
As usual,
that 'we' is loose.
The little kids and I would merely play a supporting role
while the big boys and Tyler did the real work.
After a week of phone calls and e-mails back and forth
and countless trips to hardware stores
both here and in Rogers
(and a call to Gramma & Grampa
to invite ourselves for the long weekend)
we were ready.
We also realized
we were going to be at the 'tops' figure, not the $1,000...
Friday we headed up early
The boys started tearing in right away;
they had to take the whole room down to the studs
and wanted to get as much done as possible before Tyler arrived.
I got to help a little bit since Ter was playing with the little ones;
that was fun!
Matt came over.
"This whole wall (an exterior wall) has got to go!"
"We're on a very tight schedule,"
I remind my 26 year-old baby brother, "and a tight budget!"
By the time Tyler got there in the evening,
the wall was gone and a buddy of Matt's
had installed a stop valve on the toilet
and removed both the toilet and the sink.
Took him
8 seconds.
Fast forward ~ this is getting too long..
TJ ended up coming up to help;
he'd stayed here to watch animals for us
but by Sunday
he couldn't stand missing out on all the fun.
T does love to be around family!
(Thanks Lana & Luke for taking care of Lola after he left!)
We (see above) ended up replacing the entire floor, too,
so she really does have a whole new room.
Terri picked out rich paint
lovely tile
an elegant surround
beautiful vanity, light fixtures and fan
but the crown jewel of her collection
is the cable hookup
so she can watch TV while enjoying a bubble bath.
James'll never get her out of there.
The BBR still isn't complete,
but it will be soon.
We're thinking about our own HGTV show.
Design on a Dime..
Remodel for Rednecks..
(actually - there were no redneck fixes in the remodel of this bathroom)
On the Cheap....
or maybe just Big Bathroom Remodel
and we could only remodel bathrooms....
oh, the possibilities....
(thanks Mom & Bill for keeping the cast & crew well-fed)

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  1. when it is finished, I will send a photo so you can post it on your blog! Thank you family for all of your hard work....I do have the VERY BEST family in the whole world! and the kids were very fun to hold and play with! Hope no one is sick! I am getting better.....


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