Thursday, September 10, 2009

doin' the happy dance

I really wanted to do
Tapestry of Grace (ToG) this year, Year 3.
Even done bare-bones style,
it's better than other history programs I've looked at.
I tried to borrow it
but no luck.
Tyler increased my school budget so I could buy it
since it's what I really wanted.
when it came down to it
I just couldn't spend the money,
knowing I wouldn't be able to do the program justice.
It just seemed like I'd be wasting money.
If I borrowed it
I'd be more okay with not doing everything.
Weird, I know.
A dear friend, whom I haven't talked to in ages
called me today.
"Before we start visiting,
I just wanted to remind you that I have that 1 year of ToG
if you ever want to borrow it.
I know you said you'd really like to do Tapestry again.."
"What year is it?" I asked.
"I'd forgotten that you had any ToG..."
"Year three."
That had to be a God thing!

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