Wednesday, February 8, 2012

freckle foot

Lex' was supposed to be getting ready for bed the other night
when she ran into the dining room,
"Daddy! I have a new freckle!"

Tyler loves the girls' freckles and lets them know how special he thinks they are
(both the girls and the freckles)
and as I listened to them talk, I had the thought 
that no one is ever going to be able to tell those girls that their
freckles (beauty marks, whatever you want to call them)
are anything less than lovely,
because their daddy has already convinced them that they are.

My sister has a beauty mark
right on the top of her foot,
a sexy dark circle a little smaller than a pencil eraser.
I used to tease her about it, I'm sad to say.
And because of that she wouldn't wear sandals for years.
Decades even.
I feel horrible about that!

(although - we're sort of even, because she told me my boobs were ugly
and it took Tyler a long time to convince me otherwise.
But that's neither here nor there ;-)

I wonder though,

 if my dad had told her how special and beautiful that distinctive mark was
if my childish teasing would have had such an effect.
I suspect not.
In fact, I think she'd have tattooed a daisy around it
instead of covering it up all those years.

I'm so thankful my girls have a papa who treasures them.

All of them.


  1. I love me some baby feet!!! Sadly, all the baby feet are gone in my house. I bought shoes for my son 2 weekends ago. They looked huge on the shelf and he wasn't with me, so I tried them on. They fit :( Too tight and I would never wear them, but it means the baby feet are officially gone :(

  2. LOVE lexi little freckle!!and for mine...(not sure about the sexy part, haha!)but a daisy! Now why didn't I ever think of that? I like that idea! I love you sister!(did I really say that about you? I am sorry!I am sure they are lovely!)xoxo