Thursday, February 9, 2012

la la la la Lola

"No looking at the dogs!" I'd told them.
Lily was not even six weeks old.
We'd gone to Family Day at ABF
and I knew the Humane Society would be there
with a bunch of  lonely animals that needed homes.
I did not want another dog!

They looked.
And then they drug me over there.
Against my will.
"But Momma, this one is so sweeeet." they said.
Darn it, they were right.
And so, Lola became part of our family.

She really is a good little dog.

She tolerates the girls playing dress up with her.
When I walk toward the couch with a load of laundry in my arms,
she gets down ~ without being told to.
She comes to the kitchen when she hears plates being scraped
but she'll wait to eat  - hoping for a little something more.
She knows she's not supposed to, but she'll go get in bed with the boys
as soon as I go to bed. Little stinker!
She loves to play outside
and you already know she loves her rides in the trailer.
She can often be found in front of the living room heater.
I always figured she wandered by, it was warm - she laid down.
Not so; she'll be in another room,
hear the heater kick on,
and come running.
Spoiled thing.

I'm kinda glad they didn't listen to me after all.


  1. yep, good little puppy dog!!
    Bless you Lola as you bless your family!!

  2. she is a very good dog and a smart one at that! I have seen her do all the things you mentioned! Good little Lola!


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