Tuesday, February 28, 2012

green clean?

For several years now
we've used a spray bottle filled with
 mostly water, some vinegar, and a drop of Fabuloso
as our all purpose cleaning spray.
We used an old Simple Green bottle that we'd previously used for years
amazingly enough
diluted Simple Green.
The bottle broke maybe two years ago
and ever since
I've replaced it with multiple dollar store spray bottles
that just don't last.
So I upgraded to a Walmart dollar bottle.
Which was also a piece of junk
that only lasted a few months.
Brandon suggested it might be smart to buy a bottle of quality cleaning spray
since our original Simple Green spray bottle
lasted so long.
He said even if we dumped out the spray in it,
it'd be a better option than continuing to buy the junk we'd been buying.
I thought he was brilliant, as usual
so I carefully choose a bottle of Seventh Generation spray cleaner
the next time I was at Walmart.
The sprayer looked good
and as a bonus
the stuff 'kills germs botanically'
so I could feel good about using the spray
 and didn't need to dump toxic contents.
I figured a bottle from Seventh Generation
ought to last us a good long time.

The stuff stinks!
It smells like we've doused our house in Listerine
every time we wipe off a surface
thanks to the botanical cleansing power of thyme.
More than once I've said, 
"I just don't know how much more I can stand this;
I may just have to dump the rest of this spray!"
But you know that went against my thrifty nature,
so I've been toughing it out.
Sunday, after examining the bottle a bit,
Brandon asked, "So how do you refill this?"
So I proceeded to show him how you just unscrew....
Except I couldn't figure out how to unscrew the top.
(Why I thought I could, when he couldn't, I don't know)
I looked on the bottle for refill directions,
feeling quite stupid.
What I found was 

From a company the is supposed to be environmentally friendly?
Poorly played, Seventh Generation. Poorly played.

I can't even dump the stuff out.


  1. Hahaha! I hate cheap spray bottles too. And the big bag of them at Sams are no better! We have the same luck with "nice" refillable hand soap dispensers.

    One time we bought a real Windex bottle and it lasted a while.

  2. hahaha!! I will save my next windex bottle just for you! Love you sis!

  3. Tyler somehow rigged the bottle not long after posting this & we've been refilling it ever since :-)


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