Friday, February 17, 2012

memories game

I always encourage the kids to either 'go in' on gifts
or give something handmade.

Lily helped me make Lexi's birthday gift

I'm not real thrilled with her - she looks kinda sad

so I figured it was only fair that I helped her make one.

I knew it was just the thing!

Lexi shouted out her recognition of the fabrics
("That's from my quilt!" "That goes to Aiden's diaper bag" etc)
while Lily picked through our scraps.

November, 2010 ~ my, time flies!
I'd given her a template a little larger than the felt blocks
so she could make sure the scraps were big enough
 that we could get two of each fabric.

I did the cutting and sewing;
Lily handed me the sets to sew
and trimmed all the threads.

They played go fish today with the game,
asking for the project that the fabric came from,
"Do you have any panties?"

Oh, these sisters make me smile!

I love that they can recount memories
while testing their memory
and make memories all at the same time,
thanks to a sweet  little made-with-love gift.


  1. I love Lexi's eyes in the last photo. How adorable can these two get?
    Peace and blessings to you!

  2. How creative and special this is! I thinknit is significant thy they recognize the specific material from items you've made. Very, very sweet! I need to do this for my day girls. Great idea! The girls are always beautiful and I love the doll! My day girls play with a homemade doll. I made yrs ago. I

  3. That is such a neat idea and they took it to the next sweet level!! that is pretty special!!
    Smart Sweet little girls!!

  4. "Do you have any panties"!! That's so sweet! I love it.


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