Saturday, March 17, 2012

my lazy day

I got up just a tad too late to join in on yard-saling this morning
so I stayed home and had a leisurely cup of coffee.
I did some laundry.
I roasted about a pound and a half of peanuts
and got breakfast ready so the boys could eat before TKD.
After being home all of 10 minutes, Tyler and T took the girls with them
when they ran the boys to their class
and then picked up the mower from the repair shop.
I stayed home (again :-)
and made peanut butter with the roasted nuts,
a huge batch of laundry soap,
(and did more laundry)
fixed lunch
(soup, using last night's leftovers),
and cleaned the kitchen.
I may have done more laundry (again) 
and folded the three loads that had accumulated on the couch.
When everyone was home, and we'd eaten,
I did the dishes (again)
and moved some more laundry around.
Somewhere around there,
I discovered that Kacy was going to a show at UFAS (a homework assignment)
all by her lonesome, so I told Ton' to tell her I was willing to go with her.
(if she wanted me to)
She did, so I had to shower.
(which also means cleaning the tub, since I clean it every time I use it)
The floor was nasty,
so I washed it, too.
(This bathroom gets gross so fast!)
My blasted foot was bugging me,
so I elevated it and read awhile (7 - borrowed from Sandy. good book).
Cleaned the kitchen again.
Somehow I'd missed washing the soup pot,
plus - these people make a lot of messes.
I put on my face,
then wrote out instructions for Tyler for cooking asparagus.
I did one last load of laundry
before curling my hair.
(didn't burn myself, even :-)
Kacy took me to Golden Corral for dinner before the show
(The little stinker paid!)
We had 45 minutes, which should have been plenty of time,
but we both did more talking than eating, 
so we has to leave before we came anywhere close to getting her money's worth.
(I am so grateful to be getting a daughter-in-law who is so easy to be with!)
The show, a UAFS production of Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights' Dream,
started off a bit weird and iffy,
but ended up being hilarious, though still weird.
Kacy hung around and visited for just a little while after we got back
then we all settled in our spots on the couch 
and watched the second to the last episode of White Collar.
(You know how I said it was on Hulu? It's not anymore! What will we do??)
Then Tony came home. And TJ left :-(
And we caught up with Ton', who fussed that it'd been ages since I posted,
so I sat down to write.
All about my lazy day.


  1. I'm glad you wrote. I likes reading it. :)

  2. somehow a lazy day for you sounds busy to me :) sounds like you liked midsummer nights' dream. Luke and I laughed SO hard. The wall was my favorite part. the wall with the chink :D lol! The costumes were both weird and awesome! Steampunk 0 fyn style.
    UAFS' stuff is so artistic. And shakespeare is awesome. The blend is usually weird though. what did the bisexual wood nymph have to do with anything, anyways? am i missing deep symbolism?
    Wish you'd seen Hamlet when they put it on, it was great....
    Anyways, it was a great laugh, glad you had fun with Kacy!


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