Sunday, March 4, 2012

nothin' but the kitchen sink

we happened upon the grand opening 
of a Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
We only had a few minutes to spare, 
but figured we ought to run in and take a look.
They mostly had junk.
we found a new
guaranteed-not-to-chip-crack-or-burn top mount cast iron sink or $150.
We did a quick search online to see what they go for in the store.
We I asked the guy of they could come down a bit,
since a savings of $86 didn't seem all that great,
compared to the $65 price they had on stainless steel sinks
that sell at Lowe's for $168.00
He promptly told us he sells them cast iron sinks for that price
because he can. 
Said he might consider coming down on something 
that had been in the store a few weeks,
but the cast iron sinks are never there that long.
We were debating...
I mean, on the one hand it was a good price, but not spectacular.
On the other, we will need a kitchen sink.
So it could be prudent to go ahead and get it.
Then the guy told us that (duh!) we didn't have to pay sales tax
since it was a charity store.
So we bought it.
Zoomed: KOHLER White 4-Hole Double-Basin Cast Iron Topmount Kitchen Sink
photo from Lowe'
We may not have the house plans figured out yet,
but by golly,
we've got the kitchen sink!


  1. hahahaha!!! are you going to use it right now,too? or just keeping it for later?

  2. we'll just save it - these counter tops are so messed up, I don't think they could take all that weight

  3. NOW HOW IN THE WORLD do you get your photo to look like that?? no back ground! Please share the secret!! I need to know!!
    the day you got this, was the day the whole drain rusted out on ours! I told James, oh, we need to go to HH to find a sink like Tracy got! haha. no new pretty sink here, but just a new drain and James fixed it all by himself! After a few choice words and a couple of trips to lowes anyway. yay!! now the new drain looks all pretty and shiny, I said he has to take out the other one too. but maybe not just yet. :)

  4. I took that picture off of Lowe's website. I guess I should have given credit, huh didn't even think to....

  5. oh well since we are making corrections, i should add our new drain leaks. haha! so much for doin it ourself! time to call a plumber! pfft!


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