Thursday, March 1, 2012

my first Maggie day

I sat up on the table
and swung my legs carefully over the side,
afraid I might be a touch woozy if I moved too fast.
'How do you feel?" She asked.
"I mean, you're going to be real sore all over,
but you should feel better."
I'd just spent an hour an a half on her massage / chiropractic table
and she'd moved some stuff around.
Big time.

I kinda shook everything out.
Not bad.
I lifted my legs and looked down at my feet as I wiggled them around.
"Oh my gosh!" 
I looked at her sideways.
"What?" she asked.
"My ankles. My ankles look skinny. There's no swelling!
How did you do that? Did you pull it out?"
I need to learn this trick, I thought.
I figured she'd massaged in such a way that the fluid was released from
wherever the heck it was around/in my tendons 
and it had sorta dispersed itself in my body.
Makes sense - sorta...
"I didn't do it," she said.
"What do you mean, 'you didn't do it?" I asked.
She'd clearly done something!
I hadn't seen those ankles in a long time.
In fact, those might have been my sister's ankles,
they looked nice.
She sat down on the table next to me.
"I'm not an overly religious person and I certainly don't want to push my beliefs 
on anyone, but, every morning as soon as I get up, I pray.
I thank God, and I ask Him to use me today to help people.
Sometimes I can explain it. Sometimes, I can't."

Tears almost fell,
but I quickly sucked it up; I don't think Maggie'd be big on tears.

Then she said, "I want to get you on a bioidentical cream.
Don't worry - it's all natural."
"I'm actually on a bioidentical cream," I said, 
"but I'd certainly be fine with getting it through you."
Then I went on to tell her that while I felt so much better,
I feel as if I've 'plateaued' but I'm not quite right.
That if this was as good as it got, I could be okay with that,
but I still felt 'off'.
She assured me her formula would be a bit different
then turned to look right at me,
crinkled up her face a little bit and said, "Let's get you back."
 I wanted to hug her,
but I kinda don't think Maggie's big on that, either.


  1. sounds like a good appointment. I hope she'll help you feel like you, soon. <3 you!

  2. WOW that is pretty neat !!
    that was some massage!
    Maggie may be getting some more business out of this. I have more questions. I'll call this wk end

  3. Actually my MIL who has a fierce distrust of the medical community hugged her multiple times! She is amazing.

    So happy for you friend!


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