Saturday, November 23, 2013

black belt!

So proud of my boys hard work these past three years!

Brandon earned a black belt in TaeKwonDo today
and Jeremiah and Josiah passed their midterms with flying colors.
Great Job, guys!!

Way to go!!

If you want to see videos of the boys breaking their boards (and you really should! ;-) ) click on their names:

Many thanks to Meggy for taking these pictures for me!!! (Love you, Sweetie!)


  1. wowee!! Thats so awesome boys! I watched all the videos! Great job! awesome kicks! and a black belt...very cool!!! xoxo

  2. you guys were stupendous! so glad we could be there in person to see how awesome you are!
    love the videos, too! breaking the boards was very impressive! all the ones that were testing did great and all were very concerned for one another and celebrated with each one's success!
    love Grandma


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