Wednesday, November 27, 2013

new(ish) stove

about 6 weeks ago
I noticed that the oven element was about to go out.
TJ (or was it Tyler? I forget) suggested ordering a new one
so that when it did die (or go up in flames, as was the case) we wouldn't have to wait for a replacement.
Which was a really  great idea.
I never got around to ordering one
before it burnt up less than 2 weeks later.

It took Brandon and I awhile to figure out for sure just which element we needed
(we were missing a few digits in the model number)
but we finally got one ordered and it arrived a few days later.

I'd been having suspicions about my left front element on the stove-top, too;
it seemed like it wasn't really heating properly,
like medium was low, but high was extra high sort of thing.
As usual, I'd just worked with it
and re-adjusted how I cooked on it.

About 2 weeks after we got the oven element fixed 
(which was a couple of weeks ago)
Tyler found a crack in the stovetop going across the front left burner.
well, crap!
I knew I hadn't dropped anything on it to break it,
so Brandon and I figured it had something to do with the burner acting funny.

We looked into replacing the glass top, but it cost almost as much as a brand new stove,
so that didn't seem prudent.
Tyler found a decent looking stove on craigslist for only $50 (which is a huge bargain)
but we decided to save the money and just keep our stove;
the oven worked fine
(I had a new element after all)
and I still had three burners,  so I would make do.

And then a few nights ago,
the crack spread to the rear left burner
and my favorite right front burner!

Of course, I suggested googling just how unsafe it would be to use the stovetop anyways.
But given my propensity to forget things
and the fact that I'd already had 2 pots of water boil over in the past week,
that didn't seem like a very wise option.

now I have a new(ish) stove / range whatever you want to call it.
(cost more than 50 bucks though. grr)

Terri - I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking - "Man, that sister of mine sure does go through the appliances!"
I think you're right.

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