Wednesday, November 6, 2013

random bits

Found these when I put pictures on the computer last week.
Brandon had taken the camera and tripod out one night when the moon was bright.

We haven't done trick or treating in years, 
and we didn't really have a plan for halloween this year,
but there was an expectation of candy. (duh!) and lots of it!

One of my favorite halloween memories
(save for all of the many fabulous halloweens spent with Scott & Jackie)
was one year when we lived in FSM:
The kids kept dressing up in different costumes and sneaking out of the house
and running around to the front door 
to 'trick or treat' again.
I suppose it sounds dumb.
But really, it was great fun.

Thursday, Tyler stopped by Walmart on his way home and bought several bags of candy
and a few Red Baron pizzas for the kids (he and I had salmon and broccoli).
Then he stopped by redbox and grabbed a movie.

Tyler and I divied up the candy and figured out equal distribution methods.
The kids decorated brown paper lunch sacks to put their candy in,
then went and put on some dress up clothes.
Tyler dressed up as a farmer
and went down to the shop.

While dinner was in the oven
the kids ran back and forth
between the house and the shop trick or treating.
Then we had dinner theater.

It wasn't pinterest-worthy.
but it was enough.

And they had fun.
And got plenty of candy :-)

Can I just say I am so sorry for people planning weddings in this pinterest era?
I am.
All that unattainable ridiculous hoopla....
I'm all for a properly festive environment to suit the occasion,
but really, it's all too much.

I also feel sorry for any young man wanting to propose to a young lady.
Why can't they just say, "I love you. I think you're beautiful. Will you marry me?"?

(I told you this was random)

This, I love.

our driveway in the fall, from the porch

This, too

the pond, on a fall afternoon. I wish I could capture it as I see it...

You know ~ people say, "You're going to miss this..."
I have to wonder if those people
a) had many kids
b) had those kids spread out over many years
'cause honestly, ya'll ~ I just really don't think I'm going to miss kids writing on things other than paper.

just in case there was any doubt, Brandon didn't write his name on a chair.

nobody knows who,
left Lily's bike out where it could get run over,
and it did.
(nobody knows who did that, either, although we sort of suspect our trash people)
I'm sad that just when she learned to ride a bike,
she lost it.

I am so, so not ready for cold dreary ugly outside.

I got a sweet pair of pants from Old Navy.
I went back and bought a second pair.
I love them so much.
If you come over any time between now and Spring - I'll be wearing one or the other.

I absolutely
go grocery shopping tomorrow.


  1. what fun! trick or treat at home!
    looks like everyone enjoyed it!
    love to all

  2. love random stuff!! love fun on halloween! and love the photos!! the driveway picture is very cool, looks like something out of a fairy tale! and as for that chair, I hear good things about those scrubbing erasers or whatever they are called! xoxo


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