Friday, March 14, 2014

confession time

I cried so much writing that post,
(although watching the video makes me smile every time, so long as I watch to the last second to watch Shawn's mouth curl)
and was so sad throughout the day,
that come evening, I could stand it no longer.
I dug through the trash 
and rescued the shirt.
(it's in the washing machine as I type)

I know it's silly.
But ya'll.
I don't think I painted an accurate picture about the value of that particular shirt.
When I said it became a favorite, and that even I wore it (often),
what I mean, is,
for roughly a decade,
that shirt was being worn
for at least 50 percent of our waking lives.
(And that's a really low, and therefore inaccurate percentage guesstimate.)
Which means,
a lot of family history happened while that shirt was worn.

I've ordered what I think is an appropriately soft coordinating fabric.
When it arrives, I will drop everything,
and attempt to fashion something beautiful from the the remnants.

I was going to wait to post this until I'd made something,
but I felt like I was lying to everyone,
and making people unnecessarily sad.
(or maybe that was just me? ;-)

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